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Sprint 82 Release Notes


Show selected tags first

In the inventory search results pane, there is a new checkbox labeled Show selected tags first. If this box is turned on, then as the planner clicks through the different best fit options, the tags involved in that particular plan will be moved to the beginning of the search results list. This is for the planner’s convenience, so they don’t have to scroll through the list to find the tags that were selected.

Note that if the planner manually selects and unselects tags of his/her choosing, the Show selected tags first feature will be temporarily disabled until the box is checked/unchecked again.

New tag icons for expected remnants and in transit material

Certain ERP systems are able to identify tags that are in-transit (incoming material) or tags that are expected remnants from jobs currently in process. For such ERP systems, AccuFit can import this information, and display those tags with special icons:

At present, AccuFit treats these tags just like any other tag that is in stock. However, in the future, AccuFit will be able to give preferential treatment to those tags that are in stock, and only consume in-transit or expected-remnant tags as a last resort.

Weight-based scrap thresholds for plate and block

Scrap thresholds for plate and block material can now be specified in terms of weight (lbs) and/or dimensions (inches). Visit the SETTINGS tab to specify the scrap thresholds for different types of material.

Display Plan ID in the print view

AccuFit keeps an internal Plan ID number for every plan that is generated (whether it’s a self-selected custom plan or an auto-generated plan). This Plan ID is now displayed in the print view. This makes it easier to identify and refer to a particular plan in communications.

Easier unselection of jobs

Previously, when the planner added a job to the plan and changed his/her mind, the only way to remove it was to go down to the Pieces pane and either click the [-] button or the [clear] button. Now, there is a [-] button in the upper-left corner of the job tile itself, which makes it easier to remove the job. There is also a [Remove job from plan] button in job details popup.

Auto-complete dropdown box for Alloy

The Alloy box now has auto-complete and drop-down functionality, so that the planner doesn’t have to memorize and type the exact spelling of the alloys. This applies to the Alloy box in the Search Jobs pane as well as the Search Inventory pane.

Show warning in Reserve popup for jobs that are on hold

Certain clients have been configured to allow planning and reserving against jobs that have a “Hold” status. For such situations, a warning message will now appear in the Reserve and Schedule popup indicating that the jobs are on hold.

Plate / Sheet Planning

Mill edges

Planners who use the manual cut editor now have the option of adding mill edges to any of the four sides of the plate. To add or remove a mill edge, click near the corresponding edge of the plate.

Any mill edges that are added will appear on the plate diagram in the main planning view as well as the print view.

In addition, the cut instructions that are generated will automatically include special instructions to trim/remove the mill edges as needed, particularly for mill edges that are on the bottom or left edges of the plate.

Copy/paste compressed nesting table

In the Print view for plate/sheet plans, the formatting of the text that is copied to the clipboard when the following Copy button is pressed has changed for certain clients.

By default, the text that is copied looks like this:

Job      Piece size        Pieces in tag  SW_CUT  SH_CUT
===      ==========        =============  ======  ======
JOB2113  6" × 20"          18 of 18       3.45h   1.20h 
JOB2065  3.625" × 63.875"  10 of 18       5.75h   0.27h 

However, clients who opt in to the “abbreviated formatting” will see this instead:

Job      Pc sz         Pcs    SW_CUT  SH_CUT
===      =====         ===    ======  ======
JOB2113  6×20          18/18  3.85h   1.50h 
JOB2065  3.625×63.875  10/18  6.10h   0.68h 

The reason for this is to support copy/pasting the information into a field in the ERP system that may have a limited number of columns. If you wish to opt in to the abbreviated formatting, let us know.

Block Planning

New print view for 3D block plans

The “PRINT” button has now been enabled for clients doing three-dimensional block planning. Currently the Print view includes the block diagram and the nesting table. In the future we will add cut instructions to this view.

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