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April 2023 Release Notes


Material specs formatting

In the Inventory Search Criteria section, in the Specification(s) box, each individual spec will now be separated with a semicolon (;) instead of comma (,). We found that for some clients, the spec itself included a comma, so using that as the separator was causing confusion.

Planning jobs requiring conflicting materials

Previously, AccuFit refused to allow the planner to plan multiple jobs that required different or conflicting materials. In order to enable scenarios where the planner knows that the jobs can indeed be planned together, we have lifted this restriction. The warning still appears, however, but if the planner chooses to proceed despite the warning, AccuFit will allow it. In this situation, it is the planner’s responsibility to ensure that the inventory search criteria correctly reflects their intentions.

Scoring changes

Update help text for scoring preferences

We have updated the text under the help bubbles for each of the scoring preferences on the SETTINGS screen. The text should now be clearer, more consistent, and give a better idea of how the settings will affect the scoring calculations.

Change penalty for filler jobs

Previously the score for a given plan would be penalized based on how many filler jobs were included in that plan. This is no longer the case. We realized that simply having a large number of filler jobs in a plan was not necessarily a negative outcome. What is a negative outcome, though, is having a large number of partial or unfinished filler jobs. So, as long as the filler job can be completed, there is no penalty. Penalties are only assigned for unfinished jobs, because unfinished jobs require storage of finished parts, as well as additional planning and logistics.

Add “Use of large tags” penalty for 3D block plans.

Previously 1D (bar/billet) and 2D (plate/sheet) plans were penalized if they used material that was larger than necessary. E.g., using a large plate to nest parts when a smaller plate would have sufficed. Now this same penalty also applies to 3D block plans.

Add customizable setting for remnant handling penalty

A fixed penalty is assigned for each return-to-stock remnant that is produced as part of a plan. Now, the amount of that penalty can be configured on the scoring settings screen.

Add customizable setting for in-transit tag penalty

A penalty is assigned for any plan that involves using an in-transit tag, when there are sufficient in-stock tags to accomplish the same goal. Now, the amount of that penalty can be configured on the scoring settings screen.

Block planning

Cut time estimates for 3D block plans

AccuFit now is able to estimate the cutting times for 3D block plans (those that are cut along all three dimensions). The cut time estimates are shown when the user presses the Stats button:

They are also shown optionally in the PRINT view:

The exact formula that is used to compute the cut time estimates varies from one client to another. To start a conversation about how we can customize the formulas to meet your needs, please reach out to us.

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