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May 2024 Release Notes

Filter job search based on job status

In the topmost section of the PLAN page where users search for jobs, the checkbox labeled “Only unplanned jobs” has been removed. In its place, there is a new filter which allows planners to choose specifically which job statuses they would like to see in the search results:

If the list of statuses in the dropdown doesn’t correspond with the ones used by your ERP system, please reach out to us. We can customize the list of statuses so that it makes sense for you.

Auto-export PDF

This is a new feature which can optionally be enabled for your site. The feature automatically generates a PDF file containing the plan details as soon as the planner accepts the plan (by toggling the Accepted switch, or by reserving material, or by printing the plan). The PDF looks like the print view and contains the cutting diagram, cutting instructions, nesting table, and more. The PDF file can be written to a known server location that is accessible by the AccuFit server.

Some clients are using this feature to automatically import the plan PDF into their own document storage systems, so that all the information about a particular order can be accessed from one place. Reach out to us if you’d like to have a conversation about enabling this feature for your site.

Automatic heat number filtering

We now have the ability to automatically filter the inventory search results based on a specific heat number if the jobs that have been added to the plan require that specific heat number. In order for this to work, we require that the ERP system contain queryable information about which jobs have a requirement to use certain heat numbers. Reach out if you’d like to talk about enabling this feature for your site.

Google Chrome memory improvements

When planning a job requiring hundreds of parts, in certain cases, the browser would completely freeze up due to an excessive amount of memory allocation, and would be unable to even display the inventory search results. We have made some significant improvements in this area, so now we expect planners to be able to plan large numbers of parts.

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