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Sprint 68 Release Notes


Partial upgrade to Angular 12

This is an internal goal that we’ve been trying to achieve for a long time, and estimates are that we are currently 20% complete. Because AccuFit was originally written about a decade ago, it was written using the web development frameworks (Angular 1, aka AngularJS) that were available at that time. Since then, the world of web development has advanced forward, and it’s important that we keep up. We are working on migrating our codebase, currently at over a million lines of code, to Angular 12, and have made significant progress in the past couple of months. Users shouldn’t notice any change, but for us, it’s a big deal. The upgrade allows us to take advantage of newer UI components, a cleaner programming model, the power of the web development community for support, and ability to attract top engineers to work for us.

Billet/Bar Planning

Fix for “Index out of bounds” error while searching billet inventory

In certain rare cases, a very specific combination of piece requests and existing reserves on a billet could result in AccuFit displaying an “Index out of bounds” error while searching inventory. This has been fixed.

Disallow “TEST” piece alongside witness plates requirement

Since witness plates are essentially test pieces that are automatically inserted after each production piece, it doesn’t make sense to allow a piece request that is itself a test piece but then also has witness plates added. This odd combination was causing unexpected behavior, and so has now been disallowed explicitly. If the user attempts to plan a test piece and request added witness plates, he/she will get a clear warning message that this combination is not allowed.

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