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Sprint 65 Release Notes


Show warning when Parts/pc is blank

If the “Parts / pc” value is invalid, now AccuFit will display a warning message. Previously it was silently failing to nest the pieces represented in that row, leading to confusion.

Show message when Find Best Fit process is unable to find any solutions

AccuFit now will display a message “Insufficient inventory” if it was unable to find any plan that fits the requested pieces. Previously, there was no clear indication that the Find Best Fit process had completed with no results.

Disallow reserving material if tag has changed after plan was displayed

Now AccuFit will prevent the user from reserving a plan if any of tags involved have changed behind the scenes since the plan was displayed to the user. For example, suppose the planner chooses one of the Best Fit options, and while the planner is taking the time to look at and think about the plan, the 30-minute periodic ERP import process triggers in the background and AccuFit “learns” that the weight of one of the tags has changed in the ERP system. In this situation, when the planner eventually presses the “Reserve” button, he/she will see an error preventing them from reserving the material. This same behavior applies if somebody adds/removes/modifies an allocation for that tag in the ERP system while the planner is viewing the plan.

When this occurs, the planner will need to press the “search” button in the Search Inventory pane to refresh the view and re-generate fresh plans before attempting to reserve material through AccuFit.

Plate/Sheet Planning

Fix for issue where plan was pulling in more plates than necessary

In the case of a bundled tag consisting of several plates, if reserves had been made against that tag, then any subsequent plans on that tag were pulling in the entire bundle even when only a subset of the plates were necessary to fulfill the reserves and current job pieces. This has been fixed.

Cut editor: Fix for “Last kerf cannot be negative” error when copying

In the cut editor, if a planner pressed the “Replicate the previous cutting pattern” button, while a piece on the piece selector was rotated, it was possible to get the error message “Last kerf cannot be negative”. This has been fixed.


New “Density” column added to Inventory report

In the Inventory report, we added a new column for the density of the tag. The column can be sorted or filtered.

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