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Sprint 63 Release Notes


Prevent double reserves

We discovered that it was possible for a planner to double-reserve the same job on the same tags, and this was causing a variety of issues. It was possible if while the reserve was being saved to the database, the planner pressed the Close button on the reserve popup, and then proceeded to press Reserve again. Now, the Close button has been removed from the popup while the reserve is being saved, so it will no longer be possible to do anything while the saving of the reserves is in progress.

Fix: Save cutting pattern exactly as displayed

In some rare cases, when the planner pressed the Reserve button, the plan that was saved to the AccuFit database was different than the one displayed to the planner in the Cutting Ticket pane. As a result, when someone visited the Executed Plans report and clicked on a plan to view the details, they would see a different plan than the one they thought they reserved. The reason for this was that the plan was being re-generated at the moment the Reserve button was pressed, and if certain conditions and factors had changed since the plan was initially viewed, then the recorded plan would be different than what the planner saw on his/her screen. This has been fixed. Now we save the cutting pattern at the moment it is displayed to the planner to ensure consistency between the reports and what the planner had intended.

Plate/Sheet Planning

Allow easy change of cut operation in the cut editor

In the cut editor, three new buttons were added to allow the user to change the cut operation for existing cuts easily. For example, suppose the AccuFit-generated cutting pattern included some cuts on Saw 1 and some cuts on Saw 2. The planner would like to keep the layout, but do all of the cutting on Saw 1. Rather than spending time to recreate the cutting pattern from scratch one cut at a time, now the planner can do this:

  1. Use the "Replicate the previous cutting pattern" button to copy the AccuFit-generated layout to the blank plate.

  2. Select the desired operation (e.g., “Saw 1”) from the Operation drop-down.

  3. Click on one of the buttons on the far right to change all of the cuts to be on Saw 1. (The first button changes all of the cuts, the second button changes only the cut-to-width cuts, and the third button changes only the cut-to-length cuts.)

Pressing the (Undo) button will revert the operations back to the way they were before.

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