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Sprint 62 Release Notes


Fix for navigation between different bundled tags in the plan

When viewing a plan in the Cutting Ticket pane, the user can click in one of the blue tag tiles to open a detailed tag popup. From there, he/she can use the “<” and “>” buttons at the bottom to “scroll” through the different tags that are part of the plan. However, in cases where some of the tags are bundles (single tag consisting of multiple physical billets or plates), this left/right navigation process sometimes failed to render the correct diagrams in the popup. These issues have been fixed.

Fix for error when some tags have no weight

For some tags, the ERP system does not provide a valid weight. In this case, when searching inventory, AccuFit was failing with a cryptic “Sequence contains no elements” error. Now AccuFit will handle this case correctly and display the tag in the search results with a missing diagram and a red exclamation to indicate that the tag has no valid weight.


Show explicit error message if previous plan layout is not available.

When viewing the “Executed Plans” report, recent plans have the diagram and layout saved, but older plans may not. Previously, clicking on those older plans would result in a blank page. Now, we show a clearer error message, “This plan cutting pattern is not available.”

Fix for UI issues when navigating between REPORTS and PLAN tabs

When the user navigates back and forth between the REPORTS tab and the PLAN tab, the user interface was becoming unresponsive and billet/plate diagrams were not being rendered in the inventory search results. This has been fixed. Now, when going back to the PLAN tab after visiting the REPORTS tab, the search results are cleared and the UI should work as expected.

Billet/Bar Planning

Fix for “Too Small To Fit a Piece” error on 1D length-based nesting

For cases where the ERP system does not provide an explicit length for each billet, AccuFit computes the estimated length based on the weight, diameter, and density. In these cases, if a planner was attempting a 1D length-based nesting, AccuFit would display an error “TOO SMALL TO FIT A PIECE” on every single tag in the search results … even those that were clearly large enough to fit one of the requested pieces. This issue has been fixed.

Plate/Sheet Planning

Cut editor fix for placing cuts that exactly touch the plate edge

Previously there was an issue in the plate cut editor where if the user tried to place pieces or individual cuts, such that the last cut exactly touched the edge of the plate, AccuFit would silently fail with an error and not place the cuts. For example, if you have a plate with a width of 29.875” and saw kerf of 0.125” and the user attempts to add a piece measuring 29.75” x 29.75”, the cut editor would refuse to place the piece. This has been fixed.

Fix for occasional missing cut markers on the plate diagram

In certain rare cases, some cut markers that should have been shown on the plate diagram (print view) were missing. This has been fixed.

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