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Sprint 60 Release Notes


View previous plans

The big feature we’ve been working on for several months is finally here. Now, from the Executed Plans report, anybody can click on one of the plans to view the full diagram and nesting details of that plan. Just click on a row:

And it will take you to the Print view for that plan:

Previous billet/bar plans can be viewed as far back as August 2021, and plate/sheet plans can be viewed as far back as January 2021.

Billet/Bar Planning

Billet scanner: Use cross sections to compute cut lengths

Our integration with the Concept Systems billet scanner is complete and in production for those clients who are using this device to scan and weigh every billet upon receipt. The billet scanner is a device that uses lasers and an imaging system to precisely measure the diameter of a billet at 1mm intervals from one end of the billet to the other. This is especially useful when the diameter of the billet is not uniform and deviates from the nominal diameter. As shown in the drawing below, four lasers are mounted to a frame which travels along a track to scan the entire billet:

Copyright © 2019-2021 Concept Systems, Inc.

AccuFit now fully uses the data from the billet scanner to compute accurate cut lengths for each mult that has been nested onto a billet. This is evidenced by the fact that now, for scanned billets, the cut lengths will vary even when the weights are consistent:

Round up to nearest 0.1 lbs on all job weights

There are times when the math on a billet plan works out such that the weight of a particular section of the billet (including multiple pieces and kerfs) comes out to be fractions of a pound. For example, 1258.72 lbs. Previously when displaying this weight in the user interface, we would round to the nearest tenth and show it as 1258.7 lbs. Now, for job sections, we always round up. So, this will now be displayed as 1258.8 lbs. The reason for this is so that when planners reserve the corresponding weight in their ERP systems, they are never under-reserving. In contrast, the weights of any remnant sections will always be rounded down to the nearest tenth.

Job sequence now preserved when nesting in billets

Previously, AccuFit was not deterministic about the sequence that it would place jobs into a billet from left to right. Now, the order that the jobs are listed in the Pieces pane will be respected, and the sequence of jobs within a billet will match. Similarly, the sequence that jobs are listed in the plan nesting table at the top of the Cutting Ticket pane will also match.

Maintain precision beyond 0.1 lbs for requested weights

Previously, if a planner manually entered a gross weight for a job of fractional pounds, such as 100.53 lbs, AccuFit would ignore the hundredths (and beyond) of a pound, and nest it as a 100.5 lb piece. Now, the hundredths are preserved and respected if specified (which would be rare, but still …).

Plate/Sheet Planning

Bug fix: Plate diagram placement in tag details popup

Previously, when opening the tag details popup and using the “<” and “>” buttons to cycle through the different tags in the search results, the plate diagram preview was not centered correctly in its box. Now it is.

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