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Sprint 58 Release Notes


Navigation enabled in cutting ticket pane

In the Cutting Ticket pane, if you are viewing a plan involving multiple tags, then it is now easier to view the full details of each of the tags in the plan. First click inside the blue tile for any tag to bring up the Tag Details popup:

Then, at the bottom, you will see buttons for Next Tag and Previous Tag, which will allow you to easily cycle through the different tags in the plan.

Fix for minor bug: Auto-scroll on nesting table while hovering over billet/plate diagrams

When the user is hovering the mouse over a piece on billet or plate diagram in the main Cutting Ticket view, the corresponding row in the nesting table to the right should light up. Now, in case that row has been scrolled out of view, it will automatically come back into view as the user hovers over the diagram.

Fix for minor bug: Align input boxes with column headers in PIECES section

In some cases, in the green PIECES section, the column headers were incorrectly aligned with their corresponding input boxes. Now they are correctly aligned.

Plate/Sheet Planning

Nesting table colors

In the main Cutting Ticket pane, each job nested onto the plate gets its own color. Now, the colors in the nesting tables have been adjusted to match the colors on the billet diagram for easier identification.

Plate defects are now shown in purple instead of red

This fixes a color inconsistency. Previously, the icon indicating that a plate had defects was purple but the defect rectangles themselves were shown in red. Now, the defects on the plate are displayed in purple to match.

The print diagram and the plate defect editor have also been updated to show the defective rectangles in purple.

Fix for minor bug: Update plate diagram when cycling through search inventory results

When using the Next Tag and Previous Tag buttons to cycle through inventory in the search results, the plate diagram was not getting updated. This has been fixed.


Add scroll bar to the column selector

Since there are many columns to choose from in some of the reports, we have added a scroll bar directly on the list of columns, such that the Ok and Cancel buttons are always visible at the bottom and easier to get to.

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